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About Us

Metal finishing Customz and our team of experts focus on providing superior quality and reliability, excellent customer service and timely delivery, resulting in exceptional value for our customers. coating services for your specialty projects!

At metal restoration Florida we have a love of restoring metal parts such as classic and collectible automobiles, street rods, motorcycles, furniture and much more we  specialize in the unique attention to detail that all of these beloved works of art require. Our technicians are expert craftsmen and our high industry standards have been featured in 2 OR 3 MAGAZINES.

We work on a broad range of metals from Electrostatic paint, Powder coating, anodizing, chrome, nickel, copper, and gold are one of only a handful of plating experts  that is able to offer in-house triple plating.

Your custom and specialty projects should be in the hands of someone who knows and respects the value of your prized possessions. At The Plating Shop we are dedicated to  only the highest standards in services and our attention to detail is beyond compare.


We offer complete repair of Metal components dings and dents, straightening, welding, professional polishing,  and a variety of finishes such as re chroming, steel and pot metal. We re chrome your grills ,guard ,moldings, aluminum as well as polish  stainless steel. We sell bumpers call and ask if we have them.

Before you choose any plating shop check the difference that make the plating shop first choice over our competitors we provide the best quality and reliable services at competitive prices with an unmatched turnaround time our attention to the smallest details go along way.


Our quality and service are the best.

Call us if you would like more information and though we can't commit to prices without seeing your parts we will make our best effort to make an estimate based on description and photos that are a requirement.


For the estimate call and ask for Rojas at

 TEL 786-489-8987

Email at

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